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Mike Lacinak, MSW, LISW

"It feels like we're just roommates."

"We fight over the smallest things."

"We're stuck!"

You know life and relationships take work,
 but you wonder if it has to be this hard.
You are arguing more, talking less or just not feeling connected...Read More

Feeling stuck? Anxious? Depressed Read more

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Current Classes, Workshops and Groups 

Do you like to learn and have the support of a
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As a Cincinnati counselor in practice for 20 years who works with individuals, couples, and families, I've know a way to go from stress to relief. I show that way to my clients.

Is it time you turned to an unbiased professional (think of me as a consultant for change) for some assistance? Are you wanting a safe place to understand yourself, (someone else), your situation, options, resolution?

I'd be happy to talk with you!

If you feel like it's time to take your first step forward, call me at:


verified by Psychology Today