Couples Counseling

"It feels like we're just roommates."

"We fight over the smallest things."

"We're stuck!"

You know life and relationships take work, but you wonder if it has to be this hard. You are arguing more, talking less or just not feeling connected

You feel stuck, depressed or anxious.

You focus on your work, home and family, but  the two of you are down the list.
You're not #1 in your mate's priorities.

You can feel disconnected and discouraged. If you  bring it up, it's hard to talk about or your partner gets defensive. So you get into a fight or just keep it to yourself and simmer or feel hopeless.

You wonder if it can ever be better. You've tried everything you know and you don't know how to make that happen.

This can be hard to figure out on your own or sort out with your partner, and friends and family often give well intentioned, but biased or conflicting advice.

Your life and your relationship feel too important to muddle through on your own, stay stuck or just "settle."

You don't have to do this alone. As a husband who's had to learn a lot the hard way and as a counselor who's worked with couples for many years, I've discovered a way for couples to get unstuck.

Even if only one person comes in, it can be enough to shift the relationship.

So if this feels like the right time to sit down with an unbiased professional  to find a find a way forward and feel relief, let me know.

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